Growing locales

Our fields are located throughout the Tunisian territory and are in production from the early to the late season

More than 800ha of production

Mornag : A various choice with an unique flavor

Thanks to a very special microclimate, the fruits of Mornag are loaded with flavor

Cap Bon : A step from Europe

Located near Sicily, the peninsula of Cap Bon has a temperate climate allowing a varied choice of productions; both early and late

Rgueb/Meknassy : Precocity, a major asset

Located at the edge of the mountain chain that separates the Sahara from the green zone, Rgueb and Meknassy are the earliest irrigated regions of Tunisia

Testour : The fruits of the “terroir”

For centuries, Testour has always been known for the quality of its fruit. On these ancestral lands we grow plums, peach and apricots.

Oueslatia : Nature in its raw state

With an excellent quality of water, Oueslatia offers an exceptional climate for the cultivation of apricot, peach and table grapes

Sbiba : Fruit growing

Near the ancient Roman city of Sufés, Sbiba in the west of Tunisia on its agricultural plains, we grow our delicious apples.


Head Office :
Appartement C32, Résidence Alain Savary,
71, Rue Alain Savary -1003 – Cité El Khadhra – Tunisie
(+216) 71 770 733
(+216) 36 429 580


Exploitation :
Sidi Sâad 2090 Mornag
BP 102 – Tunisie
(+216) 71 360 245