Social Responsibility

Creating jobs for our Future generations

Creating jobs for our Future generations

Aware that agriculture is the first sector to create jobs immediately, Sadira has never hesitated to invest in the most isolated regions of Tunisia.

With its first investment in Regueb in the early 2000s, Sadira contributed to create a cluster of 3000ha specializing in early fruits.

The metamorphosis of the agricultural sector in Sidi Bouzid has contributed actively to the regional development and solving partly the unemployment problems.
We generally contribute in school construction and helping people in some areas access to drinking water.

Similar experiences are currently being conducted at Oueslatia (Kairouan) and Matmata (Gabes).


Head Office :
Appartement C32, Résidence Alain Savary,
71, Rue Alain Savary -1003 – Cité El Khadhra – Tunisie
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Exploitation :
Sidi Sâad 2090 Mornag
BP 102 – Tunisie
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