Green Commitment

We owe everything to the Earth

The agricultural development is only beneficial when it is sustainable, therefore all the farms of Sadira are Global Gap certified and each of them is eco-responsible :

Irrigation systems

Drip irrigation equipped with state-of-the-art weather station to ensure an optimal use of water

The choice of the varieties

Planting varieties that are naturally resistant to diseases to limit the use of pesticides

The setting of nets

Insect proof stops access to insects and limits the use of pesticides

The use of solar energy

The use of photovoltaic panels in certain pumping stations in our farms of southern Tunisia.

Installing probes

Implementation of water probes to limit the use of water resources

Setting up beehives

Beehives in flowering orchards prove the much-reduced use of pesticides.

Setting up traps

Pheromone traps to limit the use of pesticides against flying insects


Head Office :
Appartement C32, Résidence Alain Savary,
71, Rue Alain Savary -1003 – Cité El Khadhra – Tunisie
(+216) 71 770 733
(+216) 36 429 580


Exploitation :
Sidi Sâad 2090 Mornag
BP 102 – Tunisie
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